Fast online loans: how to get them easier?

 From fast loans we moved on to very fast ones, and from very fast ones to immediate ones. The reasons are due to the rapidity with which the situations in our life change and the times within which we must respond to an urgency: everything must be done very quickly.

Obviously what is the “quickest” channel even in the case of applying for a loan? Regardless of the bank or financial institution to which you turn, it will most likely be the online requests that will have shorter time frames. However, this only applies in the case of a request with a digital signature where the whole process starts and always ends exclusively online.

Fast loans: what are the times for disbursement?

Fast loans: what are the times for disbursement?

Conventionally a loan is said as fast as from the request to the approval no more than 48 hours pass. It is good to specify, however, that the approval and delivery times very often do not coincide, even if they will hardly spend more than another 24 (or maximum 36 hours) to get the money on the current account. On the other hand, very fast loans have a timeframe from request to approval which normally does not exceed 24 hours.

Fast loans: useful tips

Fast loans: useful tips

However even if these are the times proposed there must be some basic conditions that are strictly respected. Let’s try to analyze everything in detail:

  • the moment in which the start of the time must be calculated is not that of the request for the estimate but only that in which the loan application is made, accompanied by all the required documentation;
  • the technical time of arrival of the money must be considered if the request is approved. These will be different depending on whether it is made by bank transfer to the bank account, or by check.

Having said that, the fastest loans are those that require modest amounts, which normally do not exceed 5000 USD. In addition, the approval process is simpler if you have a demonstrable income as a permanent employee.

In other cases it may take longer just for the simple evaluation. This does not mean that without a paycheck but with a demonstrable income you will not be able to access fast loans, but it will be much more difficult to obtain those classified as very fast.

Fast or immediate loans?

So far we have not yet mentioned anything with respect to immediate loans. Until a few years ago the reason would have been obvious: because they did not exist as a form of financing. However, for some years now, thanks to the system of prevalence, immediate lending has also become a reality.

However, it is a form that today is not granted online but follows a more traditional procedure. Among the banks that have adopted this system we find Spin Lender which offers an Across Lender up to 5000 USD to be requested and managed with a telephone app and a fixed rate of 6.9%.

In a scenario where banks are highly competitive, it still constitutes a “first fruits” for this younger category of loans, always in the “personal” category.

Fast loans: what possibilities for the reported Crif?

Fast loans: what possibilities for the reported Crif?

When you discount a Crif report, the situation becomes complicated. In these cases, the very fast loans par excellence are those between private clients assisted by bills of exchange, but provided that all the necessary procedures are followed so that both parties are protected (it is not recommended to contact perfect strangers).

In reality it is an unwritten rule because the law does not prevent access to credit for the reported Crif. Banks are not very inclined to grant loans to those they deem unreliable.