Consolidate your loans to pay less each month


The reunification of debt can be a respite for cases where the concurrence of several loans or credits chokes the family economy. Combining all loans into a single loan via payday loan help center, we obtain a single fee lower than the sum of the separate installments of all the loans. In this way, coping with this quota will be easier for us. Instead, we probably have to pay longer. It is a matter of valuing our family economy and the different possibilities of the market to achieve a stable financial situation. If we are thinking about unifying the debts that we have under the same credit, P2P loans are one of the options that we should also value.

At what time and to whom should you go to reunify your debts?

If our situation is really complicated, we must resort to the help of a lawyer or a specialist to help us throughout the process. This professional will mediate and negotiate with the entities with which we have debts to get us the best conditions.

To begin with, we should do an analysis of our situation to have exact knowledge of all the debts we have and of what entity they come from. In the case that we all have the same entity, a credit card and a loan in the same bank, for example, the ideal is to address this entity to negotiate with them the reunification of debts. If, on the contrary, there are several banks or lenders with whom we have debts, it is best to contact the creditor of our largest debt.

When we decide to reunify debts, we must present guarantees that we can face this new loan. We can find entities and companies that can ask us for a guarantee such as a property or a car, as well as entities that request an endorsement. However, we can also find loans to reunite debts with a personal guarantee.

P2P loans group your debts without going through the bank

The newest forms of financing through P2P loans also allow us to access the reunification of debts. In this case, the money from our loan would be provided by private investors, so we will not have any relationship with banks. With a P2P loan, we can amortize the outstanding debts and stay with a single loan with fixed monthly payments every month. Today we have stopped to analyze the P2P loan to reunify Younited Credit’s debts.

P2P Loan Maximum quantity. Cost I’m interested

P2P Loan Younited Credit

€ 40,000 TIN from 5.92% (APR from 6.08%) Apply for

With Younited Credit we have the possibility of making the application online, with which we would have an answer to our request in about 48 hours. Also, we will not need an endorsement. The terms contemplated by this platform to repay the loan range from 2 to 6 years. We also have the option of taking out an insurance that covers the payment of the quota in case of death, loss of employment or disability. In its web portal, we can find a simulator that will allow us to know the fees and costs of our loan to reunify debts.